Speech and language services are provided in the home and focus on development of expressive and receptive skills, speech sound production and pragmatic language. For children with hearing loss, sessions may also include auditory training, acquisition of American Sign Language (ASL), and usage of Alternative and Augmentative Communication devices (AAC). Emphasis is placed on parent education and development, with supports, strategies, and materials provided using the principles of evidence-based practice.

Therapy features


individualized home services

All Speech and Language services begin with an initial assessment. From there, an individualized treatment plan with goals is developed and carefully reviewed with families. Each treatment plan is unique to your child and focuses on the language and communication skills needed for them to be successful participants at home, in school and in the community.

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embedded parent training

Services are provided in the home not only for convenience, but for a purpose. All skills that are targeted each session are modeled for parents and siblings, so that strategies can be worked on when we are not there. This service allows parents, siblings and family members to become capable facilitators of their child’s language, regardless of the modality.