ABLE Services for Organizations

Services for Schools


Professional Development

Workshops can be tailored to fit the needs of your school/program.  Topics include “School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports,” “Classroom Behavior Management,” “Best Practices in Setting Up an ABA-based Classroom,” and “Providing Behavior Intervention.” Custom workshops can also be developed to meet your school’s needs.


Direct Student Support Services

Learners may need individualized behavior support in the school environment.  The ABLEities Foundation conducts Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) and develops Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) for students who are at-risk or are currently displaying interfering behavior that impacts their learning.


Data Collection Systems Development

The ABLEitities Foundation has created a web-based data collection system that allows staff to complete incident reports online. This system automatically generates behavior reports and provides graphs for data analysis.  This system is the perfect way to streamline data collection and provide more efficient, timely student intervention.

Services for Businesses and Organizations


Developing Inclusive Programming

Amazing services and programs are available to children of all abilities throughout the New York metro area. Often, programs that are open and accessible to deaf/hard of hearing children are limited. Our ABLE professionals are fluent in American Sign Language and work with various organizations to develop and implement programming. Let’s co-host an event today!


Creating a Deaf-friendly Work Environment

The ABLEities Foundation works in the community to support businesses and organizations in being a Deaf-friendly working environment. Our professionals collaborate to provide functional American Sign Language courses that will enable co-workers to communicate through sign language and improve accessibility in the workplace. To schedule a consultation or inquire about accessing these services, click below.