Areas of Expertise

Seven people standing in a circle showing the "I Love You" sign language symbol

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Allstars

Both co-founders are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and are certified in the areas of Deaf Education and Speech and Language Pathology.  All of our offered services can be delivered in a child's natural language of ASL and offer direct communication between providers and our ABLE Allstars.

Boy in car seat pointing towards camera

Allstars with Autism

Clinical services provided by our Allstar staff members are supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), who holds an advanced certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), an evidence-based intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Our instruction in the areas of academics, social/emotional learning, and changing behavior are driven by the principles of ABA, leading to the Acquisition of Behavior and Language in Education (ABLE).

Our services for Allstars with Autism include children of all ABLEities: 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder with or without accompanying intellectual disability

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder with or without accompanying language impairment

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder associated with a known medical or genetic condition or environmental factor

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder and Deafness (co-morbid diagnosis)

Boy sticking his tongue out

Allstars with Language/Communication Disorders

Clinical services provided by our Allstar staff members are supervised by a certified Speech and Language Pathologist, with programs designed by both co-founders.

  • Language Disorder

  • Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder

  • Speech Sound Disorder

  • Feeding Disorders

Teacher with three students looking at a tablet

Allstars of all ABLEities 

Our years of work experience in a variety of educational and clinical settings allow us to design programming that is considered best practice for children of varying ABLEities.  In addition to our areas of expertise above, our social/play groups, after-school programs, and in-home services are also tailored to meet the needs of Allstars with:

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Intellectual Disability

  • Global Developmental Delay

  • Disruptive, Impulse-Control and Conduct Disorders

  • Other Health Impairments