Winter Session - Week 3

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today, our Allstars celebrated V-day a bit early and had an adorABLE themed session! Valentine’s Day was the perfect theme to practice our Allstar strategy of “Partner Power” - gaining attention by calling a friend’s name, waiting until they turn and look, and then communicating a message.

Allstar Visuals

As we always say, we love the power of visual supports and incorporate them into all of our sessions. Today, we created a visual task analysis to show the steps of making a Valentine’s day card. This resource was sent home with our Allstars so that they could make cards for their friends at home! Another visual used during today’s session was a visual sentence script which said “Hi, _____. Happy Valentine’s Day!” Our Allstars used this visual to support their verbal language as they handed out their cards to their friends!

Following Directions

Our main activity incorporated many steps today: listening and following directions, fine motor skills, Partner Power and requesting! Each Allstar followed models and directions to create their own valentine mailbox and then made cards for each other. It was great to see our Allstars integrate all of their skills by raising their hand and using Partner Power, requesting colors of markers, and following multi-step directions.

Partner Power!

As the session came to an end, our closing activity allowed our Allstars to practice “Partner Power” as they handed out valentines to each of their friends in the group. With visual supports, everyone confidently and eagerly delivered their cards!