Winter Session - Week 2

Welcome to the Allstar Saturday Super Bowl!

In preparation for tomorrow’s big game, our Allstars learned how to be a great captain today while learning our skill of the week, “Partner Power!” Today’s focus was on the skill of getting attention, either by calling someone’s name, tapping them, or approaching them. Not only do we have to get someone’s attention, we have to wait until they are looking and listening to us! That’s where PARTNER POWER comes in!

We Love Visual Supports!

There are so many reasons to use visual supports and at The ABLEities Foundation, we be sure to incorporate them into each of our activities. Not only do visuals help support the verbal language we are using in class, they help to make our Allstars feel more confident and increase their participation in group! Check out our Super Bowl visuals of the day.

Gaining Attention: Hut, Hut, Hike!

To practice gaining attention by calling someone’s name, our Allstars got to play a game of toss-and-catch football! Everyone had the opportunity to be the quarterback by calling a friend’s name, waiting until they looked and then throwing the ball. This was such a fun activity to practice our PARTNER POWER in a hands-on and kinesthetic way! To further practice our skills, we also took turns being “captains” and playing a game of “Captain Says!”