Social and Play Skills Group - Week 2

Our Second Session!

Our ABLE Allstar cohorts have been off to a busy and great start! On October 13th, we hosted our first class, with the goal of getting to know all of our Allstars! Afterwards, the co-founders and leaders of the group, Cori and Liz, analyzed data and developed individualized goals for each learner. Individual and group goals drive our programming and allow us to provide the best-of-the-best lessons and activities each week! Here’s our Week 2 recap.

Functional Play Skills: Building a Foundation

Our Allstars focused on functional play skills during today’s group. Learning how to play with toys in a functional and meaningful way is an important pre-requisite skill to playing and socializing with others! Learners in the Purple Allstar Cohort did a great job following the steps of play, assembling their train tracks, and making the trains go “choo-choo” down the tracks! They later applied their new skills to playing with cars on our town road map. Opportunities to share and request for preferred toys were abundant throughout the class!

Learners in the Blue Allstar Cohort also practiced functional play skills, as well as the social skill of taking turns during play. They had a great time building structures with Magnatiles and asking their friends for pieces to share.

One of the greatest aspects of our ABLE Allstar Cohorts is the behavioral knowledge and expertise of the group’s co-leaders! To reinforce our Allstar Rules and Strategies, learners are given tickets when the display positive behavior. At the end of group, both cohorts come together for community building time, counting each other’s earned tickets, and supporting each other as they visit our treasure chest. We can’t wait for next week!

Functional Play Skills-2.png