Social and Play Skills Group - Week 4

This Week’s Focus: Eye Contact

Making eye contact is a prerequisite skill to appropriate socialization. Practicing this skill in our small group cohorts and then applying through play and hands-on activities is the perfect way for our Allstars to learn and use a new skill - a skill which is often difficult!

Gross Motor Practice

Our Blue Allstars practiced making eye contact during a super fun throw and catch activity. Equipped with frog-shaped gloves, learners took turns making eye contact and throwing/catching the frog’s buggy food to a friend. Through this activity, our Allstars were not only able to practice making eye contact, but also learned first hand potential consequences of not making eye contact (accidentally throwing a bug at a friend that wasn’t looking, whoops)! Our Allstars demonstrated flexibility and problem-solving by talking about whether or not they were making eye contact and how they can catch the bug the next time around. Needless to say, this activity made our Allstars very ‘hoppy!’

gross motor eye cotnact.jpeg

Practice Through Play

To build upon what our Purple Allstars have learned through functional play skills lessons, this group practiced making eye contact while requesting and playing with their favorite toy, trains! Our Allstars did a fantastic job making eye contact when they heard their name as well as trying their best to make eye contact with a friend. You can see from the pictures below that our Allstars have become best buds and loving giving each other high fives!